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Tionge Nkhata

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Posted by Brin Aluin on Friday, 21 February, 2020 22:27:03

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Constant support and encouragement from Lady Boss has helped me lose my first 5 kilo's and start ton ing up all over. She knows when I need tough love, constantly cheers me on, and has changed my whole mindset towards food and exercise. Looking forward to smashing more goals with this amazing PT :) 5 stars is not enough!! See More

Daily access to your coach is what sets LadyBoss Personal Results Coaching apart from other coaching systems. Whenever you need help, all you have to do is send a quick message through voxer, a walkie talkie app, and your coach will respond to you within 12 hours.

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The Ladyboss lifestyle is the key. The Ladyboss lifestyle has been key to my weight loss and learning to love myself again. I know if it was not for the amazing products and community support I would not be where I am today in this lifestyle journey. Thank you Ladyboss for all you do. Michelle