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Posted by Brusse Ancelina on Thursday, 20 February, 2020 21:02:09

Oh well if i was you i would change your password straight away.Something like this happened to me last year i had been on buildabearville that day and had all my clothes and furniture and i went back the next day and all my clothes were gone and the furniture in my house had gone too i was s upset.

Join a Build-a-Bearville Fan Forum, such as Bearville Insider, and post often. Get your forum friends to add you in-game. Asked in Build-a-Bearville, Satin

Here are images of all the possibilities of jars in the Jellybean Challenge and the possible and the ranges of the number of jellybeans contained in each.. These values are used on this WI forum thread, where members collaborate to find the winning number for the specific day's value ranges each time the event occurs.

BearVille Insider is a safe forum for kids who go on buildabearville.

Page 155- BABV Closing Party~ Pawty Time. I still have to cry when I think about it. I am very sentimental because they took away the one happy world I had (my real world is not so happy, especially not at the mometn, so bearville has been a great escape for me, and now it is gone)

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